Success Stories
Success Stories
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carolerolly2726 me and my husband have decided to give it another go.also i would like to say keep up the good work on this site. i found it easy to use, and would recomend it to a freind. Thankyou to the team. Carolerolly2726

Hi Thankyou for your service. But I would now like to remove my profile and cancel membership as I have met someone.

Because I have found someone and in love with her, found her on this site too, thank you very much

I  found someone!!! Not on this site but on another...thanx for the service though, its been brilliant! Simon

Ive found myself a nice young lady and no longer need to be on this site, thank u for the experience, its been fun!

Have found a partner & all is going well but thanx so much for the free website! Donna xx

i've met someone and no longer need to keep looking thank you for all your help

I am getting married, thanks for your services!!

I found your service very good but I have found a gorgeous lady through your site. Thankyou very much, Jon.

To lots of loves. I would like to terminate my profile on this site. Have found love again. Thanks for making it happen.

I have now found the woman of my dreams... thank you and good luck in your endeavours.

I have to admit that when I first joined the Lotsofloves dating site I was sceptical about the whole internet online dating craze. However, after being a member for just 3 days I started to receive winks and mail from other members! I wasn't sure what I was looking for at first, whether it was friendship, romance or a serious relationship but that was taken out of my hands when I met my fiancé Alex! After 2 weeks of flirting and chatting online that went on until the early hours of the morning, we decided to meet, and the rest, as they say is history! 6 months after we met Alex proposed over a romantic meal and we are getting married in 9 months time.
So thank you Lotsofloves for bringing us together! I am no longer sceptical about online dating and would highly recommend Lotsofloves to anybody!
Many thanks
Jane and Alex

I was newly divorced in October 2004 and had to move to a new area. After a tough few months I decided it was time to move on and find new friends, so I joined Lotsofloves. I have since made loads of new friends (some locally and even some abroad) and I have even had some romance in my life again - something I never thought I would find again!
Your service has helped me find happiness again, Thank You!

I joined Lotsofloves in January 2005 after it was recommended to me by a friend. I had used other UK dating agencies before but was never overly impressed with the service they provided. Lotsofloves was different however. The Lotsofloves team were very supportive with any problems or queries I had and got back to me on most occasions within one hour of me emailing them requesting their support. They never deserted me until my problem or query had been fully dealt with.
I no longer require the use of the service as I am now happily married with a baby on the way all thanks to Lotsofloves, but I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Lotsofloves above all the other dating websites.

I am writing to ask that my profile is deleted from your dating site. Sadly, from next month I will no longer have access to a computer so I will not be able to use your site :-(
However I would like to say how much I have appreciated the service you have provided me with. Any problems were dealt with very sufficiently and your team is very supportive. I have made many new friends that I hope I will keep in contact with even though I will no longer be a member. What I would say is, that Lotsofloves is definitely one of the best dating sites on the web! I would have no hesitation in recommending the site to anyone!
Well done for providing a dating agency that provides all its members could desire!

Dear Lotsofloves,
I am writing to say a big thank you for providing such a great service. I had had many disastrous relationships up until I joined your site and started dating Lucy. She is the love of my life and I wouldn't have met her if it wasn't for you! We are planning to get married sometime next year and have talked about starting a family.
You have helped to create a treasured relationship and possibly new life. Now that is something to be proud of!

I am a shy gay male and I wanted to make new friends (gay and straight) and possibly find love and romance, however I was always too shy to approach people so a friend suggested I try online dating. I tried a few different sites but I hadn't had any luck until I signed up to Lotsofloves. It was straight forward and easy to use and after I had filled in my personal profile, I received more mail in the first week of being a member on your site than I did any of the others I had tried! Fantastic! I now have a partner who I met on your site (JASBOY) and we still spend some of our evenings in the Lotsofloves chat room chatting to our new found friends.
Thank you Lotsofloves!

I was a virgin when it came to using computers and online dating services. However, I wasn't disappointed with Lotsofloves. It was easy to use and support was always available if needed. Because I was looking for a dating site that offered 'senior dating' as well as dating for young people I often found that sites didn't have enough senior members like me. Lotsofloves however, had plenty of members ranging from all ages. I had always said that you are never too old when it comes to romancing the ladies! Thank you for helping me prove the doubters wrong!

To the Lotsofloves team,
A big thank you for helping me find the man of my dreams and for proving that you can find love again - even at my age! (age withheld LOL)

I had used many dating sites previous to using Lotsofloves, and was getting fed up with people who weren't genuine. I found members on Lotsofloves were different though. The Lotsofloves team seem to work hard insuring that members that use the site are using is for genuine reasons and not just for a 'bit of fun' or because it would be 'a laugh'.

I have just got back from a long weekend away in London where I met some of the friends that I met through your dating site for the first time. We are all from different backgrounds and cultures. Males, females, straight, gay, bisexual which proves that your site provides a huge range of personal profiles. We all had such a wonderful time and are planning to meet up again soon. On behalf of everybody I wanted to share our experience with you and say a huge thank you for providing such a great service! Without you, we probably would never have met and become such great friends.

I met Lee through Lotsofloves in July 2004. He sent me a wink telling me he thought I was drop dead gorgeous so after looking at his profile I mailed him back. We would meet in the chat room on regular occasions and then we started talking on the phone. We finally decided to meet in a café at the end of August 2004. We went out for dinner and the evening finished with a kiss and I was hooked!
We turned out to be the perfect match in more ways than one and we plan to marry in the summer next year! For once cupid's arrow struck me and I've found 'the one'.

My boyfriend Daniel and I met after I used the match maker facility on the Lotsofloves dating site. I contacted him first asking if he would like to chat and I haven't been able to keep him quiet since! Our days are now filled with kisses, cuddles and happiness.
We have now been boyfriend and girlfriend for 10 months but continue to use Lotsofloves to talk to the friends we made through using the site. I've never been this space!

Lotsofloves makes finding that 'someone special' easier by providing an easy to use site, a good age range of people and informative personal profiles. Keep up the good work!

I never thought I would find love again but Lotsofloves proved that wrong when I met my now fiancé in 2004. I wasn't looking to rush into anything, I wanted to take the whole dating scene slow, however, cupid had other ideas! I found true love in Sally and have never loved someone so passionately before. I was never a romantic person until I met her!

I met my girlfriend in the chat room on the Lotsofloves dating web site. After a month or so of flirting and romancing her online I finally got my chance to romance her offline! I took her too a restaurant and was surprised to find we had even more in common than we both thought! On behalf of me and my partner I would like to recommend the Lotsofloves web site and the very supportive team behind it for helping me find 'lots of loves' now and in the future!

Being lonely is no fun for anybody, no matter how old and after moving away from my family because of my career, I found I was very lonely! So one evening I found the Lotsofloves web site and never looked back. Within weeks I had made some new friends and even found some who lived locally.
Lotsofloves is a great site if you want to meet new people, I have now got a new circle of friends and my new friends have introduced me to their friends. I now have a new family. Thank you!

I was introduced to your agency after I had mentioned to a friend that I thought it was time to 'get back in the saddle'. Internet dating was all new to me as the first time around it didn't exist! After a few days learning the ropes and getting to know my trusty new computer I logged on to Lotsofloves. I wasn't disappointed! Hundreds of women appeared on my screen and I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Now to find one who liked me! Not a problem, as Eileen contacted me after I had been using the dating site for about a month. We took our time to get to know each other but fate said we were meant to be together. If I had a glass I would raise it to Lotsofloves and say thank you for helping Eileen and myself find each other, we're soul mates!
Yours, Jeff and Eileen

On 7th June 2004 my life was changed forever when I met Kelly through your Lotsofloves. Despite me living in London , and her in Edinburgh , the chemistry between us was too great to ignore so we decided to go ahead and start a relationship anyway. We took it in turns to travel every other weekend but travelling isn't cheap so I decided to sell my house and move up to Edinburgh to be with Kelly. She is now 6 months pregnant with our first child and life couldn't get any better right now!

I had been on many dates and was getting desperate as I hadn't found anyone that I had really clicked with. I thought that I was doomed to a life of singledom! I had run out of ideas as to how to meet that special someone and thought I was going to have to advertise 'MEN WANTED!' Luckily I have a very good friend, who I owe my thanks to, who suggested Lotsofloves. Luckily your web site offered many personal ads of people living in the London area and I finally found 'the one' I had been looking for in James. We now have a little boy together and I have never been happier. So thanks to my friend for the recommendation but most of all thank you all at!

I have just returned from my honeymoon and thought that I should write and thank Lotsofloves for finding me my new wife. We are both happier than we have ever been and know that we may never have found each other if it hadn't have been for your dating agency. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
From the new Mr and Mrs Davis

I was looking through the ads and came across 'RICKNICEBUTSHY' so I had a look. Rick's profile made him sound very nice and I was intrigued to see just how shy he really was so I contacted him. Lucky for me he replied (so he wasn't too shy!) and after a few weeks of online conversations we met up for a quick drink after work one day. In the next months it cost us both a fortune in text messages as we couldn't leave each other alone. I just hoped that he didn't turn out to be too good to be true! Good news is he wasn't too good to be true and we have been together for just over a year now. We are blissfully happy and he has even mentioned marriage! I'm just waiting for that proposal!

I really don't know what else I can say apart from Thank you, thank you so much for everything! I have met the most wonderful bloke with and I have never been so happy.
Again - thank you!

I first saw Marie's profile on the 'who's online' page on Lotsofloves.  Her profile was at the bottom of the second page, so it was lucky I saw her as I was about to give up searching for the day and logout as I had had a long day at work and was tired. She looked beautiful in her photo and had the most stunning eyes. I emailed her straight away and she replied about 3 hours later (although it felt like an eternity). We spent the rest of that evening chatting and I think I finally logged off and went to bed at about 2.30a.m.! The next day we swapped phone numbers and chatted on the phone for ages and this ritual continued for many days afterwards! Finally we decided to meet in my home town and Marie never left. It was all happening so quick but it felt so right.
I proposed to Marie one month later on a long weekend in Paris and we have never looked back. We are currently arranging our wedding and it's going to cost a fortune but it's worth every penny. Marie I love you!

When I saw Sarah's photo on in the Lotsofloves gallery I was blown away! What a fabulous smile! The only problem was, I hadn't been able to upload a photo onto my profile and I knew that if I contacted Sarah and she saw I didn't have a photo, that there was a chance she wouldn't reply. Not a chance I was willing to take! I wasn't very good with computers and I had absolutely no idea how to upload my photo! It wasn't the uploading part that got me confused it was how to change my photo to the right format! So I contacted the Lotsofloves help team and they said that if I sent my photo to them they would do it for me. So I did, the photo was uploaded and showing on my profile within 30 minutes! I then decided it was time to mail Sarah. Luckily for me she replied! We spent the next few days chatting and flirting but I couldn't wait any longer to meet her and see that smile for real, so I asked her if I could take her out to dinner. She said yes and we got on great, like we'd known each other for years!
Everything between us went so well that she decided to make me hers for good she asked me to marry her! Unconventional some may say, but I wasn't going to argue! We are now planning our wedding for next year and we have got a lot to thank Lotsofloves for!
So cheers Lotsofloves! Thank you for making my dreams come true!

Dear Lotsofloves,
I would like to say a big thank you for your help and support in finding my new husband. We met on Lotsofloves in January 2004 and had a Christmas wedding 2004. It will definitely be a day I will never forget for as long as I live and its all down to your dating site that we met in the first place.
What an accomplishment!
Yours, Debbie

In normal circumstances I am a very shy bloke who, if I'm honest never got a girlfriend because I was too afraid of rejection. Joining Lotsofloves meant that I could tell people I was interested without the fear of being rejected face to face. The 'instant wink' and 'who likes me' facilities are great in letting someone know you are interested without jumping in with both feet. For someone like me, it was great. I have had a girlfriend since joining Lotsofloves (I met her on the site) and although things didn't work out, I will definitely continue to use this dating site until I find the one. I know, that out of all the sites, Lotsofloves is my best bet by far.

I am writing to praise the Lotsofloves team for the dating web site they have created. When I met my now wife I was looking for love again after a messy divorce and wasn't entirely sure I remembered how to woo a lady anymore! But Lotsofloves was great!

The site enabled me to find someone with similar interests and likes as me, if not identical and I could easily flirt by using the instant winks. I am happily married to Shelley now and we would both like to recommend Lotsofloves to other people thinking about joining the site - go for it!
Brian and Shelley Wilkes

I have never been as happy as I am now. Thank you for all your help.
The new MRS Briar

I am writing to inform you that I no longer need your services. I have finally met the man of my dreams through your website. I am so happy! There are no words to describe how happy I am. Its been a long time coming but well worth the wait. He is wonderful.
Thank you Lotsofloves

I was a member on a few dating sites until I joined Lotsofloves. For me Lotsofloves was so fruitful that I did not require the services of the other dating sites anymore. I concentrated all of my attention on Lotsofloves and I ended up with a beautiful girlfriend.
Thank you for your help! 

I am extremely grateful for all the help and support I was given as my time as a member of Lotsofloves. I have now met a lady and we are due to marry next summer. Thank you for everything!

I was single for three years before joining Lotsofloves through a recommendation. My friend was already a member and said I should give it a try so I did! I had tried internet dating once before but it didn't seem to work for me so I gave up. However, that wasn't an option when using Lotsofloves. The Lotsofloves dating site was fantastic. Very supportive and easy to use. I had mail within one day of me completing my profile and started talking to female members straight away. All of the members were serious about finding happiness and so happy for those that found it. Happily, I fell into that category, I met Kim on Lotsofloves on 3rd May 2004. A day I will never forget as it was the first day of the rest of my life. Kim had an energy I had never experienced before and her positive attitude had a great affect on me. Not only that but she was stunning. We met on 30th May 2004 for the first time and continued to see each other every weekend after that. We moved in together in August 2004 and now plan to get married.
This has all happened because of Lotsofloves and I don't know any words that would express just how thankful I am for the service that they provided me and Kim. Without you I may never have met her even though we distance between us wasn't too great.
I have total admiration for your site and what you create between people.

To whom it may concern
A quick note to thank you for the service you provided me from February 2004-January 2005. I no longer require your services as I have just got engaged to a wonderful woman I met on your site.
Thanks again

I was widowed at the age of 57 and never thought I would find anyone to love or who would love me again. I was wrong. After joining Lotsofloves I met a wonderful man named Alan (who also didn't think he would find love again). We are now a happy couple who fill each others days with happiness and it's nice to have someone there to give me a cuddle when I need one again! Thank you!

An easy to use dating site with a good age range of members, too many sites only consist of young people! Congratulations Lotsofloves on creating such a wonderful web site!

After 12 years of marriage and a tough divorce, a friend convinced me to join your site. I wasn't ready for love again yet but I was hopeful that I would make some new friends. Everybody I met was so genuine and kind and I have made some lovely new friends. They helped me through the healing process and the wounds from my divorce are healing now. I am even thinking about looking for someone new...thanks to Lotsofloves I now look forward to what the future may hold for me, and I can't wait!
Thank you, Maz

I joined your website in March 2004. Initially I based my search in the Cheshire , Derbyshire, and Staffs area. I met a few people but there was no spark between us. On 15th June I received a message from a girl called LUCKYLUCY. Her profile sounded nice but as she lived so far away I nearly didn't reply. In the end I replied with a quick hello just to be friendly. Only it didn't work out that way in the end because we got on well and the spark between us was so strong we ended up meeting and the rest is history! We are moving into a new house that we have bought together next month and I hope to propose after we have settled in. Finally my dreams of a family might come true!

Dear All.

I would like to thank you for the help you have given me in my search for a partner, in just three months I found my soul mate and we now live together in beautiful Scotland .
I am truly grateful to you all...


I have gone from having no social life to having no night free thanks to Lotsofloves. Not only have I found the man of my dreams but I have also found so many new friends! Thank you for offering and providing such a great dating service to all of us singles out there!

To Lotsofloves
I had a car accident when I was 25 and as a result I will now spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. Because of the accident I had low self esteem and believed that I would never find my prince as I had dreamed when I was a little girl. Whilst browsing the internet one day I came across Lotsofloves and decided to sign up to see what the site was like. I never thought for one minute that I would find anybody, if anything I may make some new online friends. 
It was another member that persuaded me to put a photo of myself onto the dating site and to be proud of whom I am. So I put a photo on and I had no messages from any interested men until Ryan sent me a message. He was gorgeous and at first I thought he was winding me up but as I got talking to him I realised he was a genuine guy. He was the same age as me and we found we had many things in common. Ryan saw me for the woman I was not for the wheelchair I was in. Sometimes I forgot the wheelchair was even there.
We have been seeing each other now for 18 months and I would love you to share my story with other people who are thinking about joining your site. My message to them is- what have you got to loose?
So to Lotsofloves I would like to say a big thank you. You have helped my childhood dream come true, I've found my prince!
From a very happy lady
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